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Shine Magazine

what’s inside?
  • Welcome to Shine, a wellness-focused magazine which celebrates the top health and beauty brands from 2023 and encourages us all to embrace self-care. We want to empower everyone to look and feel their best. Remember, self-care is not selfish! Making time to look after yourself helps to melt away stress and improve mental health and general wellbeing.

Have Yourself A Mindful Christmas 

what’s inside?
  • Gifting, self-care and thoughtful inspiration to see you through the festive season.
  • Expert tips and advice on mindful gifting and crafty ideas on how to add personal touches to gifts.
  • Wellbeing, nature and pampering gift inspiration for your loved ones.

A Happier You in 2022

what’s inside?
  • Simple ways to connect with nature
  • Mindful crafting projects
  • Self-care solutions for everyone

Everything You Need to Make Christmas Magical

what’s inside?
  • DIY decor ideas that will add a festive flourish
  • Seasonal projects that make great handmade gifts
  • 40+ gift ideas from gardening gadgets to beauty buys and self-care saviours

Plant-based recipes for every occasion

what’s inside?
  • Barbecue Watermelon & Lime with Almond Feta
  • Charred Aubergines & Pineapple Salsa
  • Saffron Panna Cotta Pots & Poached Pears

Daily self-care rituals to boost your wellbeing

what’s inside?
  • Daily self-care inspiration
  • Learn a simple breath awareness exercise
  • Tips for finding joy in everyday life

5 face yoga poses for younger skin

what’s inside?
  • Explore the anti-ageing benefits of face yoga
  • Have a radiant complexion in just a few minutes
  • Discover the best natural face oils

5 hemp beauty products you can make yourself

what’s inside?
  • Use CBD to hemp up your beauty routine
  • How to make aromatherapy bath teabags
  • Why CBD is the wellness superstar

Herbal remedies to help you heal

what’s inside?
  • Discover seven herbs with powerful health benefits
  • Navigate the wonderful world of herbal medicine
  • Heal your body with natural remedies

DIY tutorials for a sustainable home

what’s inside?
  • Different ways to reduce your waste
  • How to make no-knead artisan bread
  • Tips for adopting a greener lifestyle

Natural cleaning solutions for your home

what’s inside?
  • Citrus floor cleanser
  • Natural cleaning scrub
  • All-natural oven cleaner

The little book of essential oil top tips

what’s inside?
  • Tisserand's essential oil top tips
  • Simple ways to use essential oils
  • Essential oil safety advice

How to: make your own coffee scrub

what’s inside?
  • UpCircle's coffee scrub recipe
  • Everything you need on your shopping list
  • Check out UpCircle's beauty coffee range

How to: grow your own wildflower patch

what’s inside?
  • How to prepare for your wildflowers
  • How to grow your own wildflower garden
  • How to arrange your wildflowers

10 Ways To Boost Your Microbiome

what’s inside?
  • Use spices to help your digestive system
  • How meat-free food can support your gut
  • Why fibre is the key to good health

10 Natural Energy boosters

what’s inside?
  • Discover the key to feeling fresh and ready to tackle anything
  • Why laughter can make you energised
  • The essential oils that can help you if you’re flagging

6 Eco Tools You Should Invest In

what’s inside?
  • Find out the best way to file your nails
  • The key players in a eco-skincare kit
  • How body-brushing can boost your mood

Melissa H interview

what’s inside?
  • Tips for eating and living with the seasons
  • How to make every meal waste-free
  • The power of home-cooking

10 Ways to Better Ageing

what’s inside?
  • Why hydration is key to helping you look and feel your best
  • Discover how peptides can keep your skin looking youthful
  • Find out the one skincare ingredient that Kate Middleton swears by

25 Life Upgrades Your Future Self Will Thank You For

what’s inside?
  • How creating a ‘joy list’ can boost your mood
  • Find out what herbs can boost your memory
  • Discover the benefits of bringing the outdoors inside

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