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I am a Natural Woman...

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I am a natural woman because...

I respect the natural world and all the beauty, wonder and brilliance it provides. I want to live in a way that shines a light on this while walking as lightly on the earth as I can.


I am a natural woman because...

I take moments of mindfulness to appreciate my surroundings. Listening to the birds, the trees and the rustle in the plants helps me to step back, de-stress and appreciate all of the gorgeous nature that we have around us.

Jessica Elkin

I am a natural woman because...

I take inspiration from nature every day - if the sun is shining, I will do my best to shine today, or if it's raining, I know it's a sign to retreat and recharge. I opt for natural ingredients, supplements and ways of healing because I know that's most in tune with my mind, body and soul.


I am a natural woman because...

I admire and appreciate all that nature provides. The benefits it can give to our skin, our bodies and mental and physical wellbeing can truly enrich our lives.


I am a natural woman because...

I want to nourish my body inside and out with the purest choices I can, whilst being mindful about the planet and sustainability. It inspires me to do my piece and I feel healthier mentally and physically for it.

Emma Steele

I am a natural woman because...

I not only strive to be kind to others and the planet, but I also want to be kinder to myself by looking after my overall wellbeing with positive actions.


I am a natural woman because...

I am a Natural Woman because I always have the planet in mind, whether it's searching for a new cruelty-free foundation or avoiding food waste where possible. You really can't beat the ingredients that mother nature has provided for us!


I am a natural woman because...

I’m a natural woman because I value nature and all it provides. We owe it to the next generation to live, think, and shop with nature in mind.


I am a natural woman because...

Nourishing my body inside and out with natural, organic ingredients and products is a true gift to myself. It's a simple way to live my healthiest life and for me, is the ultimate form of self-care.


I am a natural woman because...

Living holistically makes me feel more connected to myself, others and the Earth. I feel more empowered, and healthier mentally, physically and emotionally.


Holly | Natural Health editor

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