Our Sponsors

This year we've enlisted some incredible sponsors that really represent the diversity of natural health! Discover more about them here.

Menopause Alternative

Menopause Alternative offers a range of products designed to support women during the peri-menopausal and post-menopausal phase of their lives. The collection includes a Meno Oil + Turmeric, a Meno CBD Repair balm moisturiser, Meno CBD soft gel capsules and Meno CBD patches – all formulated from CBD. The products are design to offer effective relief of menopausal symptoms from hot flushes and night sweats, to mood swings and vaginal dryness. Over the last several years, Cannabidiol/CBD has grown in popularity because of its capacity to alleviate chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety, sleep disorders, depression and more. But studies have also found that this natural remedy provides relief for those tormented by menopausal symptoms.

Earth Kiss

Grounded in Nature and educated by the original alchemist, Mother Earth herself, the Earth Kiss story isn’t merely about our 100% vegan, eco-ethical, cruelty-free skin care solutions… Or our holistic approach, ethical standards, and complete absence of GMO’s. Nor is it just about our commitment to wildcrafting the most potent health and beauty promoting nutrients from nature’s bountiful array of plants, herbs, soils, and seeds found in uncultivated habitats and unspoiled corners of the earth. Whilst all of these factors form an intrinsic part of the Earth Kiss mandate, our primary consideration is, and always will be, YOU. Enjoy 10% off Earth Kiss bundles at Amazon.co.uk with the code EARTHKISS21


SMART LUXURY: 100% NATURAL, VEGAN, FAIR TRADE, HALAL, ZERO PLASTIC This claim merges 100% in the multi-certified premium natural cosmetics brand ananné. On the one hand, it is inspired across cultures. This is already revealed by the name: ananné is borrowed from the Greek and means something like regeneration, renewal. On the other hand, medical healing approaches, which the founder and holistic physician Prof. Dr. med. Urs Pohlman incorporates into the products from his many years of expertise and research, have an effect. He is concerned with putting the skin in a state to regenerate itself, with maximum vitality. Get 15% OFF with CODE: NHBAnanne15 15% off to all ananné products at our online shop https://ananne.com valid one per customer to a minimum purchase of 30 € till Aug. 15th

Curtis Packaging

Curtis Packaging leaders in the creation of beautiful packaging specialising in the beauty market using only sustainable methods and materials are delighted to sponsor the Natural Health awards. It’s a perfect fit for our company, supporting what we truly believe in.


Our philosophy is simple: to achieve your most beautiful complexion yet, we must first care for the soil, feed the skin and nourish the soul – and we do this in the most pure and kind way, to benefit as many people as possible. Our award-winning organic and biodynamic formulations have nature’s powers to thank and are blended, purified and activated with the addition of crystal essences, resulting in a range of softening textures, soul-soothing colours and heavenly aromas.