Our Sponsors

This year we've enlisted some incredible sponsors that really represent the diversity of natural health! Discover more about them here.

Curtis Packaging

Curtis Packaging leaders in the creation of beautiful packaging specialising in the beauty market using only sustainable methods and materials are delighted to sponsor the Natural Health awards. It’s a perfect fit for our company, supporting what we truly believe in.

Wild Science Lab

At Wild Science Lab, we combine natural and organic ingredients to create safe, luxurious, and efficacious formulas that respect customers' skin, scalp, and environmentally friendly. Each product reaches you after months of rigorous testing to ensure compliance, so you can be assured of safety and performance.

Tigoderm Skincare

We at tigoderm believe in the power of purity and aliveness. We are thinking beauty from the inside out: so that we can all heal. Our innovative composition from microencapsulated active antioxidants from green tea and vitamin C has a patent pending


Nereus London was born out of a need for genuinely sustainable premium beauty care products, we are an award-winning, premium hair and skin care brand with sustainability at heart. All our formulations are natural, contain organic essential oils & delivered in our beautiful fully recyclable, plastic-free packaging.


From our earliest origins in Cairns, Australia to today’s Tropic HQ in Surrey, and from one body scrub to over 275 award-winning products, we’ve come pretty far over the years. Take a look at our timeline to follow us every step of the way.

GAIA Spa ltd

Inspired by Gaia, the ancient Greek goddess known as mother nature, GAIA Skincare products are all natural, handmade in Britain using traditional production methods. Blending together the finest ingredients, plant actives and essential oils, GAIA products are full of intention and integrity. Each ingredient thoughtfully selected for its beneficial properties for the body and mind.